4-Way Stop Signs Needed on 8th Street

The new O Street Market has been a wonderful benefit to our neighborhood.  With it comes significant foot traffic along 8th ST NW.  Also a wonderful thing!  However, cross-town vehicle traffic zips across 8th St at the intersections with Q, P, and O Streets.  We’ve had some very close calls, including with children on their way to Kennedy Recreation Center.

We would like to thank ANC6E, and in particular, Commissioners Wiggins and Padro, for voting last night to urge the District Department of Transportation to install 4-way stop signs at the intersections of 8th & Q St, 8th & P St, and 8th and O St.

The Central Shaw Neighborhood Association passed a resolution supporting this effort on April 20th. It is great to see our local elected ANC moving this forward. Thank you!

8th street stop sign intersections

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